The United States Air Force (USAF) plans to replace a portion of the existing KC-135 aerial refueling fleet with the KC-46A, which will be a new aircraft to the USAF’s fleet. As such, the USAF plans to identify locations for the beddown of a formal training unit (FTU) and the first main operating base (MOB 1), which will both be led by active duty units; as well as the second main operating base (MOB 2), which will be led by an Air National Guard (ANG) unit. There are 2 separate environmental analyses being conducted concurrently: MOB 1 / FTU (active duty USAF), and the MOB 2 (Air National Guard). The public may be interested in one or both of these Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and can access either through this website.
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EIS for the FTU and MOB 1
FTU candidate installations (active duty USAF)
Altus Air Force Base (AFB),
McConnell AFB,
MOB 1 candidate installations (active duty USAF)
Altus AFB,
McConnell AFB,
Fairchild AFB,
Grand Forks AFB,
North Dakota
EIS for the MOB 2
MOB 2 candidate installations (Air National Guard)
Forbes Air National Guard Station (ANGS),
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL),
New Jersey
Pease ANGS,
New Hampshire
Pittsburgh ANGS,
Rickenbacker ANGS,